Akbar Birbal Stories PDF By Amar Chitra Katha

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Akbar Birbal Stories PDF
Akbar Birbal Stories PDF

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Story: Akbar Birbal And The Ring Thief

Once upon a time, there was a huge crowd in the court of Emperor Akbar. And only then, in a short while, Akbar came to know that a very precious diamond ring of his had suddenly disappeared, which he had just taken off his finger and kept on the table just a while back.

Then Emperor Akbar being very sad tells Birbal about the ring, and he also tells Birbal that the ring was his father’s trust, whom he loved very much.

Hearing this, Birbal said to Emperor Akbar Maharaj, Don’t worry at all, I will find that ring of yours.

Now Birbal ordered the commander that no man should go out of the palace. The ring thief was shocked to hear this.

Then Birbal got an idea and he told Maharaj Akbar that I have found the person who stole your ring.

Your ring is with a man sitting in these courtiers who has a straw stuck in his beard, he has stolen your diamond ring.

That’s why the courtier who had stolen that diamond ring, suddenly started looking at his beard with his hand in extreme panic.

That’s why Birbal’s eyes fell on that thief, and then Birbal ordered the soldiers to search him at the same time.

And after searching for that man, that diamond ring came out with the same man. That’s why Birbal got that thief put into action.

Now Emperor Akbar became very happy after getting that ring.

Now Akbar asked Birbal Birbal how did you know that he had stolen my ring?

So Birbal with his lovely smile told Emperor Akbar that I had lied to everyone about the straw in his beard, and the thief started looking at his beard again and again, getting very nervous after hearing this.

At the same time, it was understood that he may or may not have stolen your ring, and only then he was caught.

Akbar became very happy about this talk of Birbal, and then he also rewarded Birbal.

Story: Cleverness Of Birbal

It was morning. Emperor Akbar was lying on the bed begging for water. None of his servants could be seen around.

Don’t know from where a humble servant cleaning the palace’s garbage heard his voice, and he came to Emperor Akbar with a glass of water.

King Aakar was so thirsty that he could not stop himself from taking water from her hand. Only then the special servants of Emperor Akbar came there and they kicked out the servant cleaning the garbage.

Now in the afternoon Emperor Akbar’s stomach got upset. Hakim was also called. Even then the condition of Emperor Akbar did not improve.

Then the state doctor also came, and along with him, there was also an astrologer. The astrologer said that perhaps you are being possessed by some ill-fated person. That’s why your health has deteriorated.

Emperor Akbar immediately thought of that servant cleaning the garbage, and he felt that he had become ill after drinking water from the hand of that wretched servant.

Emperor Akbar got angry and sentenced him to death.

When Birbal came to know about this, he went to that servant and started comforting that servant that he would save him.

After this Birbal went to Akbar and asked about his well-being. So Emperor Akbar said that the most wretched man of our kingdom made me ill.

Birbal laughed hearing this. Then Akbar got angry seeing this and said Are you enjoying seeing my condition?

On this, Birbal said no no sir, but I want to ask you one thing. What will you do if I find and give you a more wretched than that servant?

Will you free that servant from a death sentence? Akbar immediately accepted Birbal’s words. And asked, now tell me who is more wretched than that servant?

Now Birbal said, you are more wretched than that servant. Your health has only deteriorated after drinking water from that servant’s hand.

But just think, he saw your face in the morning while trying to quench your thirst. Seeing your face in the morning, he got punished with death.

That’s why you are more wretched than that servant.

Now don’t sentence yourself to death, because we all love you very much. Hearing this clever talk of Birbal, Akbar started laughing while lying on the bed.

He ordered to release of that poor servant at the same time and also rewarded him. And put that superstitious astrologer who suggested wretchedness to clean the horse’s stable.

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Akbar Birbal Stories PDF

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