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Ganesh Aarti PDF:- Ganesh Aarti is a love hymn to Lord Ganesha which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha by his devotees. The Ganesh Aarti holds a special place in the hearts of devotees who offer sincere prayers and devotion through this soul-stirring hymn.

Ganesh Aarti PDF
Ganesh Aarti PDF

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PDF NameGanesh Aarti PDF In Hindi
No. of Pages8
Size366 KB
LanguageHindi, English
GenresReligious, Spiritual, Devotional
PDF CategoryReligion & Spirituality
Last Updated July 22, 2023
PDF Download LinkAvailable
Country of OriginIndia

The lyrics of the Aarti beautifully describe the divine attributes and symbolic representations of Lord Ganesha, praising his unique form and benevolent nature.

The enchanting verses of the Ganesh Aarti resonate with the melodious singing or recitation during religious ceremonies and worship (puja) of Lord Ganesha.

It is believed that performing this Aarti invokes the blessings of Lord Ganesha, seeking his divine guidance and protection in all endeavors of life.

The Aarti is often performed in temples and homes, creating a serene and spiritually uplifting atmosphere.

The rhythmic chants and heartfelt expressions of gratitude draw devotees closer to the divine presence of Lord Ganesha, fostering a deep sense of connection and reverence.

For those who celebrate festivals dedicated to Lord Ganesha, such as Ganesh Chaturthi, the Ganesh Aarti becomes an integral part of the celebrations, adding a sense of devotion and joy to the festive spirit.

The lyrics of the Ganesh Aarti in Hindi add an essence of cultural heritage, further deepening the emotional connection between the devotee and the deity.

It reflects the profound spiritual practice of surrendering to Lord Ganesha with sincerity and faith, leading to inner peace and growth in one’s spiritual journey.

As the melodious Aarti fills the air with devotion, it reminds us of the ever-present grace and wisdom of Lord Ganesha, inspiring millions of people worldwide in their spiritual pursuits.

In essence, Jai Ganesh Aarti Lyrics encapsulate the love and reverence of devotees towards Lord Ganesha, offering prayers for wisdom, success, and the removal of obstacles on the path of life.

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What is Ganesh Aarti?

Ganesh Aarti is a devotional song dedicated to Lord Ganesha, sung by devotees during prayers and worship.

When is Ganesh Aarti sung?

Ganesh Aarti is typically sung in the morning and evening during prayer time. It is also sung on special occasions like Ganesh Chaturthi and Ganesh Utsav.

What is the significance of Ganesh Aarti?

Singing Ganesh Aarti is believed to invoke the blessings and grace of Lord Ganesha, seeking the removal of obstacles in life and seeking divine guidance.

What are the lyrics of Ganesh Aarti?

The lyrics of Ganesh Aarti describe the divine attributes and symbolic representations of Lord Ganesha, including his one tusk, four arms, and his mount, the mouse.

Is Ganesh Aarti sung in all religions?

Yes, Ganesh Aarti is sung not only by Hindus but also by many people from diverse backgrounds in India, as it fosters a sense of devotion and surrender that transcends religious boundaries.


Ganesh Aarti is an aarti performed by the devotees of Ganesha which they sing while worshiping Ganesha.

Through this aarti, devotees praise the glory of Ganesha and pray that his blessings should always be on them.

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