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Kafan Kahani PDF
Kafan Kahani PDF

Dear friends, welcome to my blog. Today I have brought you the Kafan Kahani PDF. Kafan story is written by a famous Hindi litterateur, Munshi Prem Chand. The Kafan story has been told about the natural behavior of man and how far a man can fall today.

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Title NameKafan Kahani PDF
Author NameMunshi Prem Chand
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Kafan Story Summary In Hindi

Kafan’s story summary with the video is given below. Watch the video for a detailed understanding of the Kafan story. You can also read the summary of kahan kahani written below the video.

Ghisu and Madhav are father and son and Madhav’s wife’s name is Budhiya. Ghisu and Madhav belong to the Dalit caste and are very useless and lazy.

Gheesu is so lazy that he works for one day and rests for three days. And Madhav does a little work and then smokes a pipe for an hour.

Both of them work together but do the work of only one person. Therefore no one in the village hires them. Ghisu and Madhav are called to work only if there is extreme compulsion.

It was winter season. Ghisu and Madhav were sitting outside their hut at night with a fire lit and were eating roasted potatoes that they had stolen from someone’s field.

Inside the hut, Madhav’s wife, who was pregnant, was in great pain and screaming due to the pain of delivery.

Ghisu and Madhav were heartbroken after hearing the heart-wrenching painful sound from her mouth.

Ghisu asks Madhav to go inside and see his wife. But Madhav refuses to see her and irritably asks why she doesn’t die.

Hearing this, Ghisu tells Madhav that when your mother was ill, I always used to sit near her and console her. Never left her alone.

Saying this, Ghisu inspires Madhav to go inside and take care of his wife. But Madhav refuses to go inside fearing that Gheesu might eat all the potatoes.

After some time, both eat potatoes, cover themselves with their dhoti, and sleep outside in the cold.

When Madhav wakes up in the morning and goes to the hut, he sees that his wife Budhiya is lying dead. Her child has died in the womb itself.

So he calls Ghisu and both of them start crying loudly, beating their chests. That’s why they worry that they have to arrange for wood and shroud.

Because the last rites will have to be performed, and they don’t have any money.

Ghisu and Madhav did not have money for food, so where would they get wood and shroud? That’s why the worries about wood and shroud do not even allow them to cry.

Now first of all they both go to the landlord. Ghisu tells the landlord that Madhav’s wife has died and his child has also died in her womb.

Now they don’t even have money for wood and shroud. The landlord hated Ghisu and Madhav because whenever he called them for work, they never came to work, and even if they came, they did not work.

That’s why the landlord is angry with them in his heart. But after hearing their sad story, he gives them two rupees to get rid of them.

Ghisu was very smart. He discusses the two rupees he got from the landlord with the traders and moneylenders in the village, who were from well-to-do families.

That’s why they shyly give them two annas, four annas. And in this way, Ghisu and Madhav have 5 rupees. Five rupees used to be a very good amount in those times.

Now Ghisu and Madhav go to every cloth shop in the village to buy the shroud. Some shops have silk shrouds, some have cotton shrouds.

They see many types of shrouds but they do not like any shroud.

At last, Gheesu goes to a liquor shop and buys a bottle of wine. They drink the liquor to their heart’s content and justify not buying a shroud for Budhiya.

While they talk while drinking, Ghisu says that what an irony this is, the woman who got even a rag to cover her body while she was alive, needs a shroud after her death.

When they are completely drunk, Madhav asks Ghisu what he will say when people ask where the shroud is.

At this Ghisu says that he will say that the money has slipped from his waist. I searched a lot but couldn’t find it anywhere.

People will not believe it but they will pay again. But this time they will not hand over the money to us. They will buy the shroud themselves.

Madhav tells Ghisu about his wife and that the poor girl was a very good person, she died after having had a lot of food to us.

Now Madhav brought poories, vegetables, chutney, pickles, and non-veg from the shop near the liquor shop.

Both of them ate to their heart’s content. His soul was feeling satisfied while eating food. And they were blessing Budhiya wholeheartedly and praying to God to grant her heaven.

Today the biggest desire of his life, to eat delicious food to his heart’s content, was being fulfilled.

After some time a doubt arose in Madhav’s mind. He spoke to Ghisu. When we die and go to heaven, Budhiya will ask me why we did not give her a shroud, then what will I say?

Ghisu said, you worry unnecessarily. She will get the shroud. The villagers will give her a shroud.

Now after eating his full meal, Madhav picked up the remaining plate of poories and gave it to a hungry beggar who was standing looking at them.

And Madhav experienced for the first time in his life the pride, joy, and happiness of giving something to someone.

Ghisu told the beggar to take this food, eat a lot, and bless her. The person, who earned this food is now dead but your blessings will reach her.

Madhav starts crying remembering his wife and says that his wife never got happiness.

Ghisu consoles Madhav and says why are you crying, you should be happy that your wife has been freed from this illusion and will now be enjoying in heaven.

After this, both of them sing songs, dance, jump, and fall there intoxicated. And with this, this story ends.

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