The Alchemist PDF By Paulo Coelho

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The Alchemist PDF
The Alchemist PDF

Hello friends, in today’s post we will talk about The Alchemist PDF. It is such a book which has been written very beautifully.

It has been told in this book that whatever happens in our life or whoever comes into our life is not just a coincidence.

There is some reason behind it, and whatever we believe from our heart, whether it is our dream, goal, or whatever, if we want it from the heart, then the whole universe tries to meet it with us.

So friends, here we are talking about The Alchemist Book, written by Paulo Coelho. Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian author who has written some books even before The Alchemist. But The Alchemist PDF book became the most famous of all those books.

About The Book – The Alchemist PDF

PDF NameThe Alchemist PDF
AuthorPaulo Coelho
PDF Size2.18 MB
GenresNovel, Drama, Adventure, Fantasy, Quest, Fiction
PDF CategoryeBook
1st Edition Published1988, 25th Anniversary edition (April 15, 2014)
PublisherHarperTorch (English translation)
LanguageEnglish, (Original Language – Portuguese)
Country of OriginBrazil

The Alchemist book has been written by Paulo Coelho in only 2 weeks, and more than 30 million copies have been sold worldwide, which is why Paulo Coelho is also a best seller.

This book has been translated into more than 70 languages and that is why the name of this book has also been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Alchemist Book Summary

The Alchemist is a fictional story about a boy named Santiago. Santiago lives in Andalusia with his parents and is a shepherd.

Lives in Andalusia and is a shepherd who loves traveling with sheep, visiting new places, and reading books.

Santiago dreams many times that a treasure is buried near the pyramid in Egypt. He tells about these dreams to an old woman.

The old woman tells him that his dreams are true and he should go to fulfill them. Heeding the advice of the old woman, Santiago sets out to fulfill his dreams. And this story revolves around the journey of Santiago.

During this journey, Santiago meets many people and goes to many places, and many strange things happen to him during this time.

But he notices that all the people he meets have indirectly, at least, Motivated her to achieve her dream and now the universe is also helping her.

So all those people who want to fulfill their dream or want to see life from a different perspective or want to fulfill their dream, then I would tell all those people that they must read this book.

Not 100% while reading this book, but probably in many places you will feel that it is relatable to your life.

You will be able to relate your life to it. So if you like this post then share it and comment on it. Thank you.

The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho Book Review

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