The Bait of Satan PDF: 5 Eye-Opening Lessons You’ll Learn

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The Bait of Satan PDF
The Bait Of Satan PDF

The Bait of Satan PDF” is a book that exposes one of the most deceptive snares Satan uses to get believers out of the will of God—offense. The author, John Bevere, argues that offense is a trap that Satan sets for believers and that it can lead to bitterness, anger, and even unforgiveness.

He shows how offense can damage our relationships with God, others, and ourselves, and he provides practical steps for how to overcome offense and stay free from its grip.

About – The Bait of Satan PDF

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PDF NameThe Bait Of Satan PDF
Author John Bevere
PDF Size4.43 MB
Genres Christian Literature, Religious, Spirituality
PDF CategoriesReligion & Spirituality
PublishedAugust 1, 2013
PublisherCharisma House
CountryUnited States

About The Author Of ‘The Bait Of Satan’

John Bevere is an author as well as a pastor and speaker. John Bevere is the founder of Messenger International, a ministry that equips believers to live victoriously in Christ.

Bevre has written a variety of books, including “The Bat of Satan” as well as Spiritual Warfare: Winning the Battle in Your Mind, Breaking the Curse of the Family Spirit.

John Bevere is a frequent speaker at many seminars and conferences around the world.

The Bait Of Satan Storyline

The book begins with Bevere sharing his own story of being offended by someone he trusted.

He describes how the offense led to bitterness and anger, and how it eventually affected his relationship with God.

Bevere then goes on to explain how Satan uses offense to trap believers. He shows how Satan can use people, circumstances, and even our thoughts to offend us.

The second part of the book focuses on the different ways that Satan sets the trap of offense.

Bevere describes how Satan can use people to offend us through their words, actions, or even their presence.

He also shows how Satan can use circumstances to offend us, such as when we experience loss, disappointment, or injustice.

Finally, Bevere shows how Satan can use our thoughts to offend us, such as when we focus on the negative or when we compare ourselves to others.

The third part of this book provides practical steps for overcoming crime and living free from its grip. John Beaver teaches us how to recognize our guilt and forgive those who hurt us.

Bevar tells us to believe in the words of God and also inspires us to remove the evils from our minds.

John Beaver also explains in this book how a person can get rid of the emotional pain of his crime and how to save himself from getting angry in the future.

The Bait Of Satan – Do You Want Your Life Changed Forever?

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The Bait of Satan PDF” is a useful book written in very simple language, which is very easy to understand. This book is especially useful for those people who have been hurt by someone. The Bait of Satan is a very important book to help control crime.


Q1. What is “The Bait of Satan” about?

Ans.The Bait of Satan PDF” is a book written by John Bevere that explores the destructive power of offense and how it can hinder personal growth, relationships, and spiritual development. It delves into the biblical perspective on forgiveness, reconciliation, and handling offense in a healthy manner.

Q2. Why is offense referred to as the “bait of Satan”?

Ans. The offense is called the “bait of Satan” because it is a strategy used by the enemy (Satan) to trap and ensnare believers. When we harbor offense in our hearts, it leads to bitterness, resentment, and a breakdown of relationships, ultimately hindering our walk with God.

Q3. What are some key concepts discussed in the book?

Ans. The book covers several important concepts, including the power of forgiveness, the danger of offense, the role of pride, the importance of reconciliation, and the freedom found in releasing offense. It also highlights the importance of love, humility, and understanding in overcoming the bait of Satan.

Q4. Can this book be beneficial for non-Christians?

Ans. Although the book is primarily written from a Christian perspective and references biblical teachings, it can still provide valuable insights and principles for non-Christians. The concepts of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the destructive nature of offense are universally applicable, and readers from various backgrounds can benefit from the book’s teachings.

Q5. Is “The Bait of Satan” a self-help book?

Ans. While “The Bait of Satan PDF” does offer practical advice and guidance, it is more than just a self-help book. It combines biblical teachings, personal anecdotes, and spiritual insights to address the deeper root issues related to the offense. The book aims to lead readers toward spiritual growth and transformation rather than simply providing quick fixes.

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