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In this world, every person wants to become rich, every person wants to become successful and everyone wants to know the secret of it. So let me tell you the secret through a book. The name of that book is “Think and Grow Rich“. We are providing you the “Think And Grow Rich PDF” file for free.

Think And Grow Rich PDF
Think And Grow Rich PDF

To Download the Think And Grow Rich PDF, just click the download button given below in this article. Think And Grow Rich It was written by an author named Napoleon Hill.

He is a very famous American author. Among the books that have been written, there is a very famous book called Think and Grow Rich.

In this post, we will talk a lot about money. And when it comes to money, people say that money is bad.

Money makes a person blind. But if you look around you, you will find people who have earned a lot of money and brought a positive change in society.

If you earn a lot of money and help people around you to move forward, then you are using that money correctly.

Because until money comes, a lot of things will not change around you. Money isn’t everything, but it holds significant value.

About The Book – Think And Grow Rich PDF

All the details related to the book “Think And Grow Rich” are given below in the table.

PDF NameThink And Grow Rich PDF
Author Napoleon Hill
PDF Size1.42 MB
GenresNon-Fiction, Self-Help
PDF CategorySelf-Help
1st Edition Published March 1937
PublisherThe Ralston Society
Country of OriginUnited States

About The Author – Napoleon Hill

Napoleon Hill is the author of Think And Grow Rich. When he was 13 years old, he started writing articles for a newspaper called Mountain Reporter.

His thought was new. He worked to give new thoughts to the world. He wrote a lot of books, but Think and Grow Rich became very famous from it.

Which made him recognizable. A very important step came into his life. A big turning point came basically. He was a very famous businessman, Andrew Carnegie.

He had gone to interview him. And Carnegie told him that you do a very good interview. But I would like you to be a successful person. I will give you a task.

Interview 500 successful people. And then you see what you get to learn in life. So he accepted that target. He started interviewing the big successful people of that time.

Which Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, and even Thomas Edison. He interviewed those people. And the common habits that he found in those interviews.

He tried to tell them through 13 steps in this book, Think and Grow Rich.

Think And Grow Rich Book Summary

The summary of this book is 13 steps. But I will tell you in detail about the 7 big steps that I think. Before that, let me tell you 13 steps.

  • The first step is desire. You should have a desire to achieve that goal.
  • The second step is faith.
  • The third step is auto-suggestion. That is, start giving yourself suggestions.
  • The fourth step is specialized knowledge.
  • The fifth step is imagination. Imagination has a lot of power.
  • The sixth step is organized planning.
  • The seventh step is the power to make decisions.
  • The eighth step is persistence. The power of devotion. That is, you become determined. Keep moving forward with dedication.
  • The ninth stride embodies the potency of a mastermind.
  • The tenth step is sex transmutation.
  • The eleventh step is the subconscious mind.
  • The twelfth step is the brain. A fresh brain.
  • The thirteenth step is the sixth sense. When nothing works anywhere, then that sixth sense is very beneficial for you.

Think And Grow Rich – 07 Big Steps Amoug 13 Above Steps

We will tell you the 7 big steps among the 13 steps of the book Think And Grow Rich in great detail. I believe this will be greatly beneficial for you. And will help you move forward.

01. Desire

If you want to go somewhere. And there is no desire to reach it. Then nothing can happen. Forget about being successful.

There are many types of desires in desire. Endless desires run in a person’s mind. But there is one desire in those desires. Which is always running in the brain.

Which is burning in the brain. That is called burning desire. When you have that burning desire. Then you have taken the first step towards becoming successful.

If you want to earn a lot of money. Then you have to follow 4 steps. About Napoleon Hill talked in this book. He says that you decide on a fixed amount.

And first, find out how much you want to earn. Then write that figure on a paper. Then you have to earn it in how much time. Write that date. After that, how can you earn that money?

Make its planning. And write that plan somewhere. Start reading that paper at least twice a day. Convert that burning desire in your mind.

That desire should always burn. For you to recall what your objective entails.

Napoleon Hill also shares a story about his son Blair in this book. His son was not able to hear. Doctors said that he will not be able to speak and hear.

But Napoleon Hill did not agree to this. He had a burning desire in his mind. That my son should hear and speak.

And he also generated that willpower in his son. And with time, his son also moved forward.

And he could speak and hear. But a little less compared to other people. But still, the doctors said that he could not hear and speak.

He started speaking and hearing. Napoleon Hill says that the miracle was of the burning desire. This desire kept burning in my mind. That my son should speak and hear.

So this miracle will happen. You just have to decide your target. What do you want to do? Do you want to earn money? Or do you want to add some other happiness in life?

02. Specialized Knowledge

The second step that you have to take is specialized knowledge. If you feel that what you have studied in school and college is everything. Then it is not like that.

When you move forward in life you get practical knowledge. Then you understand that the world is ahead of you. There is more ahead of this world. It is the same thing.

You must have also heard that there is no age to learn. You should keep learning continuously. So it is absolutely true. Successful people do not stop learning.

Specialized knowledge means that people know. But you become an expert in that area. People start saying that if you want to know. Then you go to that person.

That person will give you the right knowledge. So that means you have become an expert in that area. And how will this happen? This will happen by studying.

Many people think that we have studied in college and school. What is the need to study now? So you will go very far behind. The world is running very fast.

You will have to gain your knowledge at the same speed. If I talk about Thomas Edison. So he went to school only for three months. However, notwithstanding that, he performed exceptionally well.

So only the school education is not enough. If we talk about Sachin Tendulkar. So his school education is not that much. However, he is a true authority in his field.

That is, he is the person who has the specialized knowledge of that field. You can become an expert. Becoming an expert in any field is achievable.

For that, the knowledge of school and college is not enough. You have to gain more knowledge. What can you do for that? So you can attend seminars.

You can watch the videos of experts. You can read the books of experts who are already experts. If you meet those experts. If you talk to them one-on-one.

Hence, there’s much to learn from them as well, given the abundance of knowledge in our surroundings. Unlimited knowledge. There is a lot of knowledge.

The only condition is that you want to reach that knowledge. 

03. Imagination

The third step is imagination. About which we have talked a lot in many videos. And the same step, the habit, the common habit. It is also said about it in this book.

The power of imagination matters a lot. If obtaining your desires is your aim. If you start thinking like that. The law of attraction starts working.

You start attracting those things towards you. And the same things start happening in your life. 

04. Organized Planning 

Everyone does planning. But if you move forward with organized planning. Only then will there be a change in life. You think I will do this and that according to the plan.

It doesn’t happen like this. You will have to note down everything. You will have to write on paper. And you will have to decide if all this can happen. And if it’s possible, how might it occur?

You will have to take the advice of experts. For example, let’s talk about a start-up. If you want to start a start-up. And there exists a notion within your mind.

You have made some plans in your mind. It doesn’t happen like this. You first pitch that idea to the people around you. Tell the people in your house that I am thinking of doing this.

How is it looking? Tell your friends how they are feeling. Try to pitch. And understand that this is going to be my customer. What cross questions do they have?

Are those questions coming to their mind? Try to understand this. You will be so ready. When you really go into the world of start-ups. Then you do great. You should burn all the ways to go back.

And they will burn when your planning is organized. Napoleon Hill also writes in this book. If we are going in the wrong direction. And doing the right thing but going in the wrong direction.

Then that work will not be done. If you do the right thing with the right planning. Then that work will be done in the right way. 

0.5 Persistence

The fifth step is persistence. Power of devotion. Whenever we talk about being persistent. Then we talk about those people. Who are persistent, and hardworking. And did wonders.

The way they say that carbon is basic to make steel. In the same way, the basic thing is to be successful. That is your power of devotion. How much you are moving forward with dedication.

Super important thing. And some people say that I can’t move forward with dedication. I don’t have persistence in me. I can’t stand it. I get distracted again and again.

So there are four very easy ways. Napoleon Hill has told in their book Think and Grow Rich. The first way is that your goal should be fixed. The second way is that good planning should be done.

The third way is that you move forward with a positive mind. That everything will happen as I am thinking. And the fourth is that there should be a group of determined people around you.

If you live in such a company. People are distracting you again and again. They are putting you in other things. Then you will never be able to be persistent.

You will never be successful. Keep such people with you. Keep such people with you and stay with such people. Who keep the same approach in life as you.

They are moving forward with a focused goal. They will motivate and inspire you to move forward.

06. Fresh Brain

The sixth step that I want to talk about is Fresh Brain. The only thing that separates us humans from animals is our brains. Our brain, which humans have used to change this world.

And we are talking about reaching Mars. If you use a fresh brain, you will do wonders. A fresh brain means if you move forward with a fresh idea, a fresh approach, then you can become rich in the world.

This is the information presented in this book. As it is said, you must have heard the saying, if you want to build a body, pick up a dumbbell. And if you want to build a brain, pick up a book.

The knowledge that is around you, as I said, is limitless. Reach it and start doing wonders.

When you get a lot of knowledge, then those ideas will come to your mind which can make this world better and can completely change your life.

And as we said, there are 13 steps in the book, but we are talking about 7 big steps. So let’s talk about the last one, which is the 13th step. Sixth sense.

07. Sixth Sense

Napoleon Hill said, there is no crowd on the ladder of success. If you follow the 12 steps correctly, then you will reach the 13th step, which is called the 6th sense.

It is said that to become rich, you should use the 6th sense. Every person has 5 senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste. But the 6th sense is hidden in our subconscious brain.

Have you ever felt that you went for an exam and thought that this question could come, but the same question came? And solving the question paper, you said that this is what I was thinking.

This happens. Sometimes big financial advisors analyze all the data and move forward, but even then their money is lost. And some people work on the 6th sense and do wonders.

It is the voice of your subconscious mind that you should know how to hear. This is called feeling, gut feeling, is called instinct.

And if you have a business idea, then sometimes your 6th sense is indicating to you that this idea will do wonders.

You just have to think about that idea, execute it with planning, and then it will be great. It is not easy to understand the 6th sense. Still, if you practice, you can understand it.

Don’t think that you guessed it, it’s the same 6th sense. To understand the 6th sense, whatever happened in your past, wherever you have used the 6th sense, you have to analyze those events and you will have to understand that your 6th sense has developed.

So develop your 6th sense and do wonders.

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Conclusion – Think And Grow Rich

In conclusion, Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill remains a guiding light for those who aspire to achieve financial abundance and personal fulfillment. The principles elucidated in the book emphasize the power of thoughts, faith, knowledge, imagination, planning, and persistence.

By integrating these principles into our lives, we can chart a course toward holistic success that transcends monetary gains. Remember, the journey to riches begins with a single thought and the unwavering belief in its realization.

I trust that you’ve gained significant insights from this post. If you find it valuable, kindly consider sharing it with your friends. And for any query related to the Think And Grow Rich PDF, please comment below. In the end, we want to tell you Thank you for reading this article.

FAQs – Think And Grow Rich PDF

Is Think and Grow Rich worth reading?

Absolutely, “Think and Grow Rich” is a must-read. Napoleon Hill’s timeless insights into positive thinking, goal-setting, and perseverance offer valuable wisdom for personal growth and success.

What is the main point of Think And Grow Rich?

The main point of “Think and Grow Rich” is to emphasize the power of thoughts, a positive mindset, and persistence in achieving both financial success and personal growth. Napoleon Hill underscores the significance of setting clear goals and believing in one’s ability to manifest them.

Is “Think and Grow Rich” a religious book?

No, “Think and Grow Rich” is not a religious book. While it emphasizes principles like faith and positive thinking, it is not centered on any particular religious doctrine. Instead, it focuses on personal development and success principles that apply to people from various backgrounds.

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