You Can Sell PDF by Shiv Khera: Unveiling the Art of Salesmanship

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you can sell pdf

“You Can Sell PDF” is a motivational and self-help book by Shiv Khera, an acclaimed author, motivational speaker, and leadership trainer.

The book primarily focuses on the art of selling and provides valuable insights, principles, and techniques for individuals looking to excel in sales and marketing. Here is a detailed summary of the key concepts covered in the book:

About – You Can Sell PDF

PDF TitleYou Can Sell PDF
Author NameShiv Khera
No. Of Pages285
PDF Size1.52 MB
Genre Selling, Business, Self-Help
PDF CategoryBusiness & Career
PublishedMarch 1, 2012
PublisherWestland Ltd
Country of OriginIndia

About the Author

Shiv Khera, a renowned author and motivational speaker, brings a wealth of experience to the table. With a background steeped in personal development, Khera’s influence extends far beyond the pages of “You Can Sell,” with several other notable works to his name.

Key Themes in “You Can Sell”

The book seamlessly weaves together motivational elements and practical sales techniques. It propels readers into the mindset of successful sales professionals, emphasizing the importance of a positive attitude and persistence.

Chapter-wise Summary

Each chapter unfolds a tapestry of insights, guiding readers through the nuances of effective selling. From building rapport with clients to closing deals, Khera’s narrative captivates with its blend of wisdom and practicality.

Here is a detailed summary of the key concepts covered in the book:

01. Positive Attitude:

Khera emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude in the sales profession. He believes that a positive mindset is crucial for success and discusses ways to cultivate and sustain it, even in challenging situations.

02. Customer-centric Approach:

The author highlights the significance of adopting a customer-centric approach. He suggests that successful selling is not just about pushing a product but understanding and fulfilling the needs of the customers. Building long-term relationships with clients is a key focus.

03. Building Confidence:

Khera provides practical tips on building confidence, which is a fundamental attribute for sales success. He discusses how self-confidence influences the sales process and offers strategies to enhance and maintain it.

04. Effective Communication:

The book delves into the art of effective communication, stressing the importance of clear and persuasive language in sales. Khera provides guidance on how to listen actively, ask relevant questions, and communicate persuasively.

05. Setting and Achieving Goals:

Khera introduces the concept of goal-setting and its role in sales success. He provides a framework for setting realistic and achievable goals, along with strategies for staying focused and motivated to attain them.

06. Handling Rejection:

Dealing with rejection is an inevitable aspect of sales, and Khera offers insights into overcoming setbacks. He provides coping mechanisms, encouragement, and a positive perspective on rejection as a stepping stone to success.

07. Ethical Selling:

The author emphasizes the importance of ethical behavior in sales. He discusses the significance of integrity, honesty, and trust in building strong and enduring relationships with customers.

08. Time Management:

Khera addresses the significance of time management in sales. He provides practical tips on prioritizing tasks, managing time effectively, and maximizing productivity.

09. Continuous Learning:

The book encourages a commitment to continuous learning and personal development. Khera advocates staying updated on industry trends, honing sales skills, and adapting to changes in the marketplace.

10. Handling Objections:

Khera discusses common objections faced by sales professionals and offers strategies for handling them effectively. He provides insights into turning objections into opportunities to strengthen the sales pitch.

Impact of the Book

Real-life success stories serve as a testament to the profound impact of “You Can Sell.” Readers find themselves empowered to implement the book’s teachings, resulting in tangible achievements in their respective fields.

Critique and Controversies

While lauded for its motivational thrust, the book is not without its critics. We explore both sides of the coin, acknowledging criticisms while highlighting the overwhelmingly positive reception.

Practical Application

The true litmus test of any self-help book lies in its application. “You Can Sell” is no exception, with countless readers sharing their triumphs after applying the book’s principles to real-world scenarios.

Lessons for Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals

Entrepreneurs and sales professionals can glean invaluable insights from the book. We delve into how adopting Khera’s teachings can catalyze success and redefine business strategies.

Comparisons with Other Sales Books

In a sea of sales literature, “You Can Sell” stands out. A comparative analysis sheds light on what sets this book apart and why it continues to resonate with readers.

Engaging the Reader with Anecdotes

Anecdotes breathe life into the narrative, offering readers relatable stories that mirror their struggles and triumphs. Personal experiences underscore the applicability of the book’s principles.

Future Impact and Relevance

The enduring relevance of “You Can Sell” is explored, with predictions on how it will continue to shape the sales landscape in the years to come.

Why Every Sales Professional Should Read “You Can Sell”

The article drives home the importance of this book for those in sales, featuring testimonials from professionals whose careers saw a transformative shift.

A Closer Look at the Sales Techniques

A deep dive into the specific sales methodologies proposed by Khera equips readers with actionable strategies for success.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

Sales is not without challenges, and “You Can Sell” doesn’t shy away from addressing them. The article explores how the book provides practical solutions to common hurdles.

You Can Sell PDF Download

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“You Can Sell” is a comprehensive guide that blends motivational insights with practical strategies for success in the competitive field of sales. It is designed to inspire individuals to excel in their professional lives by adopting a positive mindset, ethical practices, and effective sales techniques.


Is “You Can Sell” suitable for beginners in sales?

Absolutely! The book caters to both beginners and seasoned professionals, offering universal principles applicable to all.

What makes Shiv Khera’s approach unique in “You Can Sell”?

Khera’s approach combines motivation with practicality, providing a holistic guide to salesmanship.

Are there any criticisms of the book?

While some critics point to its motivational focus, the overwhelming positive impact on readers is hard to ignore.

Can the book be applied in fields beyond sales?

Yes, the principles outlined in “You Can Sell” are versatile and can be applied in various aspects of life and business.

Are there any success stories from individuals who implemented the book’s teachings?

Numerous success stories attest to the transformative power of “You Can Sell.”

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